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We aim to demonstrate that improvements in the PV market can be introduced even in the most entrenched aspects. Explore our website below to discover Photonica's innovative solutions and ideas.
PV solutions
Structures designed to ensure maximum compatibility among elements, reducing their quantity and dimensions. This not only simplifies the design process but also facilitates the installation and expansion of the system.
Installation process optimization
In every business, time plays a crucial role. It cannot be overlooked, especially in the installation of photovoltaic equipment. Therefore, our key objective is to create systems that minimize this time, translating into increased efficiency for installers.
Support structures in varied climates
The support structure is a crucial component of a photovoltaic installation, where durability directly affects the system's longevity and safety. We aim for our structures to be applicable worldwide, whether in gentle valleys or challenging mountainous terrain.
Cost-effective transportation
Every component of the support structure needs to be transported somewhere, whether it's to a warehouse, distribution center, or ultimately to the construction site. Therefore, maintaining optimal cargo dimensions is crucial, reducing both time and costs associated with the logistics of our products and their subsequent storage.
Guiding simplicity intuitive instructions
Every good product should be intuitive, and every instruction should be understandable to everyone. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our product materials are clear, readable, and leave no room for interpretation.
Versatility of systems
Installation companies confront diverse environments —varying surfaces, inclinations, mounting methods, and ever-evolving dimensions of photovoltaic modules. We strive for solutions where the components of the photovoltaic puzzle are interchangeable and compatible, adapting to on-site installation conditions.

Mariusz Bałachowski

The founder of Photonica – he has been involved in the industry and technology 
for 11 years, and in the PV sector for the past 5 years. Specifically, from the most intriguing, technical perspective. He has been engaged in designing, servicing, supervising, and implementing solutions in the field of constructions, electrical distribution boards, inverters, as well as Energy Storage Systems.
"I created the Photonica project to address all the feedback from installers that 
I gathered over years of conducting training, aiming to provide a product range that solves as many of their challenges as possible."

Norbert Garela

Business Development Manager – he began his professional career in the automotive sector, working on industrial production lines, which taught him that the simplest solutions are often the most effective. For the past 3 years, he 
has been associated with the renewable energy industry. He has been involved 
in comprehensive technical support for various product lines, conducting technical-sales training for well-established brands, and speaking at conferences organized 
by various industry associations.
"Hundreds of meetings and thousands of hours of phone conversations, which 
I had the pleasure to conduct with representatives of installation companies, allowed me to see the challenges they face in their daily work. The Photonica project is a response to the voices of those who contribute every day to the green energy transformation."